Our Approach To Our Business Customers

We have the old-fashioned tradition to business.  We know how tough it is in this day and age to succeed with all the competition.  We keep our storage rates low to be fair to our business clients.  We want you to succeed in your business and be long term customers with us.   Our Office Warehouse units are geared to give you every advantage.  You can run your office and just walk into your warehouse to fill orders.  This gives you immediate access to your inventory, a big advantage over those who have an office in one place and a warehouse in a distant location.  You can also rent a spot to park your company truck.  Call us now at 225-272-8007.

Personal Storage

A lot  of folks have things to store on either a temporary or long-term basis.  This happens to all of us at one time or another.  We offer really competitive low rates for our storage units.  Prices start at only $30 per month, so call us now to reserve your spot.  We have the exact size unit for your needs.  225-272-8007.

John James Audubon

We liked him so much we named our business after him!

The founders of Audubon Storage, the Peckham brothers, both loved to study birds, and named their business after the great ornithologist.

Paul Hunt

Webmaster &  Business Consultant

Mr. Hunt handles internet and web chores for Audubon Storage. You can reach him at [email protected].

Don’t Wait – Call Now

Call us now for unit size availability.  Take immediate advantage of our low prices.  Business owners, rent a great Office Warehouse.  We only have a few of these available, so call now.